A Guide To Redwall Mary Sue


Basic Plotlines used by Mary Sue

~The Generic Redwall~
Any plotline obviously directly stolen- er, borrowed, from the books. Mary Sue is escaped slave/last surviving member of wiped-out tribe/sheltered child suddenly exposed to harsh reality in other situations. She vows revenge on her captors/torturers/family's killers etc, goes through boring Generic Adventure Story plotline, possibly finds love on the way, causing readers to throw up in disgust at soppiness, gets revenge, lives happily ever after. Generally reads like Brian Jacques' first drafts. Tends to be long, boring and pointless.
Stalking ground of: P
retty much every Sue except Human Sue. The most-used plotline. Preferred by Warrior Sue.
Plot problems:
It's cliched, and generally gets boring fast.
Can it be done well?:
Possibly - after all, BJ manages it. Just don't add millions of pointless chapters, and try to make the storyline interesting.

~"I just dropped in by accident - honest!"~
Teenage human girl, a.k.a. Mary Sue, finds magic book/computer/jewel/dream that pulls her and sometimes a friend or two into Mossflower. On the way, she becomes either an animal or the same size as the animals. When she lands, she is entirely unsurprised at being in a fictional world inhabited by gigantic British wildlife, just as the Redwallers are not scared of a human appearing out of nowhere. Considering that humans don't exactly have a clean track record in their dealings with animals, this seems odd, but who am I to say? (Oh great, now Mary Sue has brought out my inner PETA member.) Sometimes she is The Chosen One who was prophesied to come and save Redwall, thus giving the villain a reason to try and kill her. (I would think being a Mary Sue would be enough reason, but there you go.) She will definitely save the day, despite knowing practically nothing about battle skills, while the canon characters cheer her on. Possibly the most irritating of Sue storylines, but can be a laugh if it's done well.
Stalking ground of: Human Sue.
Plot problems:
It's unrealistic, and basically just plain weird. The reason Mary Sue has suddenly dropped into Mossflower is usually either stupid or ignored altogether.
Can it be done well?:
If you're careful, yes. Have your character react realistically to her situation (eg have her scream in terror the first time she encounters a Redwaller), come up with an original reason for her to fall into Mossflower, and give her time to get used to Redwall. If you must have her save the day, give her SOME weapons training, and do not make her the new bearer of Martin's sword. And don't make it romance between Redwaller and your character in human form. Please. Even I think that's squicky.

~Resurrected Rose~
(No offence meant to rampant Martinshippers here.)
Exactly what it sounds like. Martin sits up late, staring at the stars and mourning for Rose. Several people throw up and/or click the back button. Others think "oh well, it'll get interesting soon" and scroll down. Oh, it's stopped for some lyrics cut out of a pop song. More scrolling. Now it turns out Rose wasn't really dead/has come back for some unexplained reason! Yippee! Now Rose and Martin can marry and have children, thus removing the entire point of the books featuring him. Some authors do show that the history of Mossflower is changed because of it, but it's mostly ignored. I am a Martin/Rose shipper, but I still hate these fics. One or two were sweet, when they make up every other romance fic they get wearing.
Stalking ground of:
Canon Sue v 1.1 Rose Sue, occasionally a Mary Sue Classic v. 1.1 Martin's Daughter.
Plot problems:
It's unrealistic - directly contradicting canon, in fact. It's cliched, and always overladen with angst and/or fluff.
Can it be done well?:
I'll be kind for once and get it over with. No, it can't. Rose is dead. Rose did not come back, nor will she ever. Get over it. Let Rose rest in peace, and let Rose Sue rest in pieces.

~Plot? What Plot?~
The "miscellaneous" section. "Plot? What Plot?" or PWP is usually used to refer to porn fics, but in this case it means anything which has no real storyline. This type of story exists solely so Mary Sue can angst over/drool over/snog some random male in tune to music which does not exist in Mossflower, but which the author likes, therefore Mary Sue must like as well. Not necessarily a songfic, but you get the idea of what I mean.
Stalking ground of: Again, pretty much every Sue, mainly Mary Sue Classic. Can feature Reformed Vermin Sue angsting over how she isn't accepted and blah blah blah.
Plot problems:
It's boring, to be frank. Also, it's usually overdone.
Can it be done well?:
Sometimes, but don't make it a songfic to some pop tune which will be forgotten in six months.


Tell me if you spot any other Mary Sue storylines, so I can update this chapter. I'm sure there are more. Next chapter will be about the appearance of Mary Sue. If you start drowning in her eyes, remember to dog-paddle.


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