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Hello my friends, and welcome to the Tabula Rasa, my little corner of cyberspace. I'm sure you'll have fun. Come and play . . . forever and ever and ever. . . mwahahaha.

Fa Teen here has been hired as my bouncer of sorts. (Click on her to go to Mab's Land, where I found her.) She's here to warn you that there's a fairly large amount of not-safe-for-preteens and/or potentially controversial content in this page (including but not limited to; the legal grey area of fanfiction and fanart, romance both homo- and hetero-, fictional violence of various sorts, crude jokes, clean-but-cringeworthy jokes, bad language, vitriolic ranting about stupid people, and links to more sites containing all these and more) and if you're preteen you shouldn't read it because we don't want your parents writing us nasty emails. If you're preteen, what are your parents doing letting you online unsupervised anyway? If you're under fourteen  -or maybe a reasonably mature twelve or thirteen, we won't tell if you don't - or have strict parents, or are of age but not possessed of a reasonably broad mind, maybe you should steer clear. Don't let me scare you off, there's plenty of clean content too! It's just that there's enough not-entirely-clean content to justify a warning just in case.

All content is labelled with individual ratings, just in case you sneak past this one.

I do not make claim to the characters or places I use in my fanfiction or fanart, unless I actually did create them in which case it will be noted. Most of them aren't mine, I'm just toying with them, but their original creators don't know I exist, I am not making money from them and they will be returned in a recognisable state. Thank you, parody law.

I'll be adding more stuff pretty much continually, so don't forget to make a repeat visit sometime.


Random fandom scrawlings, maybe with a few original works thrown in.



My doodlings, on paper or Paintshop.



Look, I can spell big words! Just the junk that doesn't quite fit elsewhere.



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